Rubin Shrestha
I am Rubin Shrestha. Home address is Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal. By profession Freelance PHP Programmer since 2005.

Biography : 5.8ft, avg(68kgs), built-up body, A+ve. I seem a little angry guy, not in real. Scorpion by the horoscope. Favorite sports are football n gym. Listen any type of songs -though rock rocks. The most changing thing in me is my hair -say, comes revolution. To justify myself in one phrase -moody, helping funny guy…

Like action games, animating. Walking around my town on evenings n our small unnamed band, the annoying noise of drum, wasting most of evenings hanging with stupid selfish brother -though love him. Making laughter with friends even for no reasons. All funny memories…

I am thankful to those all supporters and good feedbackers for their help. Thanks to all the teachers and pales who have always helped me and encouraged in times of distress.

Lastly, some unnecessary words to waste… “I’m grateful to u all who are always beside me for my comforts, all persons whom I rely on; especially my dearest maa and one who fills me; for your care, heartening encouragements and company.”