GraphDive Announces Public Enterprise Launch and New Magento Solution

the first analytics and personalization platform to fulfill the
potential of social data for online businesses, today announced the
public launch of its enterprise solution. The company offers businesses
two key services based on its proprietary analysis of the social media
activity of online users through tools like Facebook Connect: (1)
“macro” user insights and segmentation for marketing, and (2) “micro”
personalized offers for customer targeting. The results are higher ROI
on marketing spend, deeper customer engagement, and increased profits.

GraphDive’s “macro” segmentation of users provides businesses with deep,
actionable insights that help inform future marketing campaigns. The
company’s key innovation is its proprietary knowledge graph that turns
the “noise” of social media chatter into inferred user interests and
demographic data that online businesses covet. “We’ve developed
algorithms that make powerful inferences, like guessing a user’s age
with over 90% accuracy,” remarked GraphDive Co-Founder CTO Sina

GraphDive’s “micro” personalization of offers solves two key problems
for online businesses: the “cold start” problem of what to show new
users who have no prior shopping history, and the “hook” needed to make
one-time customers into repeat buyers. “By implementing our solution,
retailers are able to generate more transactions earlier in the shopper
life cycle and increase the lifetime value of their existing customers,”
remarked GraphDive Co-Founder CEO Shahram Seyedin-Noor.

In conjunction with the public launch, GraphDive is also announcing the
launch of its new app for Magento that will enable Magento-based
websites to use GraphDive to gain actionable user insights from social
media activity.

“We welcome GraphDive’s unique social solutions for the Magento
platform,” stated X.Commerce Partner Development Lead, Chris Generalis.
“We’re thrilled to have their innovative products on the Magento Connect

Seyedin-Noor added, “any of the 125,000 e-commerce sites powered by
Magento can now use GraphDive to transform their understanding of their
users and enhance the user experience on their site.”

The GraphDive platform, previously open on an invite-only basis, is
already in use by leaders in the e-commerce, media and travel verticals.
Prospective GraphDive customers can now sign up directly and use the
self-service dashboard to glean powerful insights on their users.

About GraphDive

unlocks the power of social data from Facebook Connect to allow vendors
to create a more personalized shopping experience and to give vendors
unprecedented insights into user preferences and demographics.
GraphDive’s algorithms “make sense” of social media activity to help
merchants discover shopper interests and demographic insights (such as
age, education, income) to drive user engagement and boost revenues.