How can I paste non-text UTF-8 characters in a Linux terminal?

I’m writing some code for a buffer overflow attack on a small program that I am debugging through IDA. Throughout the program there are multiple opportunities to enter vulnerable text, and where I need to send my exploit is not on the first entry.

I have some raw bytes that make up my exploit and I need to send them to the program, however since I am interfacing the input/output buffer by launching IDA by “cat | ./ida64”, my only option of sending an input is through copy and paste of plain text.

I have my exploit in the form of raw bytes in a text editor, but when I copy and paste it the non-character bytes are completely removed (specifically the x90 NOP instructions). If I paste this in another text editor, even on another OS, the NOP instructions are still there. Feeding the file to the programs input buffer is not an option, since that method only lets me send text at the very beginning of the program.

Is there some Linux OS setting I can change to allow this kind of data to be pasted in the terminal? I’m using the newest version of LinuxLite in a VM and the LinuxLite terminal. I would appreciate any advice, as this is driving me nuts!