How to setup a SSH Tun Device?

I am trying to link two Ubuntu 20.04 servers together so that they both share an IP

Server One is a cloud server with its own dedicated IP with DDoS protection and a hardware firewall. Server Two is a much higher performance server, but it is at my home with no dedicated IP and cannot open ports to the internet.

I would like Server One to be able to listen on Server Two’s IP to be able to open things like a web server. It looks like setting up an ssh tun interface is the best method and using the -w option, but I cannot find any information on how to setup something like this.

Right now I am able to accomplish this with SSH forwarding (command below) as a systemd daemon, but I would like to be able to scale this better with the ability to use more ports without having to add a new systemd file.

ssh -N -R 3000:localhost:3000 user@serverone