TemplatesMaster Offers Latest Magento Extensions, Plus Magento Mobile

TemplatesMaster, well-known expert in the Magento platform, has recently come out with innovative and efficient products for the e-commerce market. The company released its line of Magento extensions along with a new theme designed to work with the most advanced mobile phones. The TemplatesMaster Magento solutions are aimed at helping Web-based stores address customer issues, improve product labels, and stay ahead of the mobile shopping trend.

The latest products from TemplatesMaster are the Helpmate, which is the company’s response to easier, more efficient Magento help desk solutions; the ProLabels 2.0, which is designed to create professional-looking call to action labels for Magento stores, and the Mobile Star, which is engineered to work seamlessly with the iPhone and Android devices.

Says the Geneva-based firm, “We provide ready-made solutions to help launch your Magento store quickly and easily. All our templates and extensions are specially designed for Magento and are completely customizable.”

The Helpmate, in particular, enables Magento stores to easily link their tickets to the orders creating a speedier response time to customers. The tickets are received in multiple ways: email, contact form, or through the customer’s account. TemplatesMaster remarks about its latest product, “Our help desk extension will help your clients solve their issues… (as well as) improve their user experience and convert them into loyal customers.”

Meanwhile, the ProLabels 2.0 is designed to address concerns on Magento product labels. With the latest Magento extension, TemplatesMaster aims to enable online stores to create custom labels on new products, add call to action elements, inform customers of products, and entice visitors to products that are on sale.

TemplatesMaster tells clients, “Attracting customers’ attention to featured products and special offers is the easiest way to increase sales and improve inventory management… ProLabels provide an easy and flexible way to create professional-looking call to action labels for your Magento store.”

The Magento professional is not only committed to producing stellar products that keep online shopping flawless and convenient; it is also deeply in touch with the latest trends in the Internet retail industry. And with mobile commerce or m-commerce driving recent consumer activity online, TemplatesMaster delivers yet another beneficial product that will allow Magento stores to maximize opportunities in m-commerce.

The Magento mobile solution is offered through the Mobile Star, which supports mobile platforms such as iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android. The Mobile Star delivers optimized search forms and user-interface elements, easy switch from mobile to desktop, fast and easy check out layout, improved image gallery, multi-currency and multi-language support, and a host of other features.

TemplatesMaster says, “Don’t lose your chance to keep contact with your customers while they are using their phones. We have created the Mobile Star Magento theme that will help you join the new e-commerce revolution and build your mobile presence in just five minutes.”

TemplatesMaster has enabled countless Web-based businesses manage their Magento stores with remarkable ease and professionalism. Its dedication to truly innovative products has made companies invest and look forward to their latest offerings. From accolades over the company’s professional customer service to their effective solutions, TemplatesMaster clients have expressed their satisfaction and revealed notable results.

Security retail store SupremeDefense.com shares, “Before making our purchase we did a lot research on every major player in the Magento extension community… TemplatesMaster really extended themselves to us and has been there every step of the way with every little bump in the road. Since using TemplateMasters extensions and services, our web stores conversion rate has significantly improved.”

There is much money to be made from online shopping. Official online spending for last year, according to e-commerce authority Internet Retailer, amounted to $225.5 billion in U.S. sales alone. When items not commonly bought online are accounted for, the Commerce Department puts the total retail sales figure to a whopping $4.4 trillion.

With the explosive lucrative opportunities in online shopping, e-commerce businesses need to be able to stay on top of their game. And TemplatesMaster’s innovative Magento solutions — from the extensions to the templates — are sure to help businesses achieve commercial goals.

For more information on TemplatesMaster’s latest Magento solutions, visit their website today.

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