Unable to install Windows 7 because startup CD does not support USB devices

I had a virus on Windows 7 and wanted to re-install it before Microsoft’s end of life ended so I could get updates for it. I reformatted the drive and when I ran the bootable CD, it did not support USB devices. So my mouse and keyboard would not work. I have an old keyboard, but my motherboard does not have the correct receptacle. I used to have an adapter, but I can’t find it. I’ll have to order a couple. I will check to make sure ‘USB Legacy Support’ is enabled it the BIOS, but I think it is. Because of this I cannot get the information for my previous question ‘Unable to Login after Switching to Local Account in Windows 10’ because I cant access Windows 10 either. It is dual-boot.

I tried to install Windows 10 where Windows 7 was, but it won’t boot either. The boot sector is on the same drive where Window 7 was. I tried to run Partition Magic, but I only early versions of it burnt onto DVDs. My video card would not run it. I’m trying to burn the latest edition now and see if I can either fix the boot sector or totally make the disk one partition and reformat it. If anybody has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thanks!