Webefficient Announces WEB 25 Launch to Reduce Global Web Development Costs

If you are trying to run your business you don’t want to become a web expert in order to get your web project completed, you want to pay your provider to provide the expertise.

Colchester, Essex, UK (PRWEB UK) 3 November 2011

Webefficient, a development company providing web and CRM solutions for over 12 years, has launched WEB 25 for businesses and organisations seeking to leverage better value from web and software development projects. By providing fixed per hour costs at £25 for most services, and providing advanced pricing for as many tasks as possible, Webefficient offers transparency in pricing and tremendous accuracy for any project.

Webefficient launched WEB 25 after lengthy research and the results from this concluded that getting value for money was not always easy to achieve when it comes to web and software development – whether for a shopping cart like Prestashop or Magento, or content management solution like Joomla, Kentico or WordPress or even developing a new web application. While there are many freelance portals, most seek to leave too much risk with the buyer that can cause a project to go wrong, substantially increase costs or stop it from being completed successfully resulting in a wasted investment.

“If you are trying to run your business you don’t want to become a web expert in order to get your web project completed, you want to pay your provider to provide the expertise”.

One of the key issues is the ability to have specifications clearly stated at the start of a project in order to ensure all parties are clear on the outcome. Another major factor is choosing a solution that is either open source or perhaps licenced that already covers the main functionality requirements the client business requires. Many development providers are all too eager to get into major spending and indulge in hundreds of hours of development resource usage with new projects, when a simple off the shelf alternative would be a better stage 1 solution. The projects results can then be reviewed and further investment can be made once the initial stage has been judged successful.

Webefficient decided to respond to this situation by being more structured at the start and creating a template approach to the process of project budget, requirements analysis, gathering information, the solution choice and the project management as well as post project support and the points of reference in deciding if the project has been a success. At the same time, Webefficient wanted to give clients the opportunity to control hourly costs and enjoy better transparency over the project’s completion costs. The result is WEB 25– an innovative platform that promises complete risk and cost control.

Webefficient views any spending a client makes as an investment. While they don’t make business forecasts, they aim to provide the best value for money possible – a successful project and happy client is more likely to result in future work than a client with a failed project, after all.

Through the WEB 25 program, costs are fixed on an hourly basis (£25), so true project cost transparency is possible from the outset and delivery dates are as accurate as possible. Many software solutions can be offered on a Saas (software as a service) with a monthly hosting cost starting at £25 per month, meaning the client always has supported services without large costs (see Web25).

Webefficient launched WEB 25 in response to the lack of cost controlled services available for web solutions and software development services in the current market place. Providing money savings, and simple prototyping, WEB 25 also allows clients place their hosting and web requirements under the company’s innovative SaaS service which enables the client to focus on their business leaving Webefficient to focus on the technical jobs.

About Webefficient: Webefficient are a global provider to companies seeking to leverage the best value from web and software development projects and provide complete solutions from analysis of solution choice, prototyping, SEO work, domain name, DNS services through web and application development, hosting and on-going support and customisation. Webefficient can also offer larger companies seeking to control their development costs, development teams.

With sales based out of the UK and development facilities in Eastern Europe, Webefficient provide access to highly effective development resource at amongst the most economic costs available.