What is the maximum number of monitors for a single video card with DisplayPort outputs and MTS splitters?

I’m looking for a video card to drive 7 or 8 displays. But when a card has multiple DisportPort 1.2+ connections, how many monitors are possible?

So far, I’ve found that some GPUs publish support for up to 4 displays and others claim support up to 6. But can a card with 4 DisplayPorts potentially drive 8 1080p monitors using MTS active adapters as long as the total resolution is within the card’s max resolution?

For example, many GPUs claim Max Resolution: 7680 x 4320 @ 60 Hz and provide 4 DisplayPort connectors. Using MTS adapters, could that allow 4 1080p monitors per DisplayPort for 16 monitors total (7680/1920=4 x 4320/1080=4)? Or will the cards still limit the OS to strictly seeing only 4 (or 6) monitors?