Why do windows frequently “get stuck” in Windows 10?

This seems to happen every single day, or most days, or at least “very frequently”. I use the machine as normal, and suddenly, Notepad++ decides to “always be on top”, ignoring my Alt + Tabs and maximizing of other windows. This is extremely annoying and, like so many other things, just happen by themselves without me doing anything “weird” or touching any kind of configuration.

Sometimes it works to close all opened programs (which is a massive PITA since you lose all your “state”) and reopen them. Sometimes, even that doesn’t work. Yesterday, even the entire Alt + Tab visual screen disappeared, even though Alt + Tab still worked.

I could go on and on about all the countless things like this which just broke one day and which just never get fixed, even though I’ve spent countless hours of my life to “research” the problem and solutions, but I’m focusing on the above now.