Basic video output in c or c++ without any includes/apis like openGL

I am prety new to programming in c and c++. I searched for an answer to the question:

How can I write an fps from scratch? (Al: without any includes)

for about 1 year now, but couldn’t find any complete answers to this. It all simplified to the question: “how can I make a renderer in c or c++ without any includes?” and finally: “how can I output video data in c or c++ (again: without any includes)”…

I found this video:,
but this is only a program, that outputs to the console. I am seeking for a way to make it fullscreen/without this trick of using the console.

I also found a way, with some inline assembly, but it takes to long programming in asm. (I could not find the page anymore)

Is it even possible to write a renderer/video output in c or c++?
Could you post some lines of code showing how to, if it is possible, please?

txfut 🙂