CC1 and CC2 when connecting USB C to USB 3.0, is this pulldown network correct? [closed]

I have a USB C port on my computer and a USB C male-to-male cable, as well as USB C female and USB A 3.0 female breakout boards.

I have connected my computer to the breakout via USB C cable and wired the USB C breakout to the USB A breakout. So, I can connect devices to the USB A breakout to connect to my computer. The connections I used are below.

My problem is the CC1 and CC2 logic. I read about the pullup and pulldown networks needed for UFPs and DFPs for USB C. Some sources: (1), (2). So, I connected CC1 to a 5.1k resistor and connected that to ground. I did the same for CC2. This works when I plug in a USB 2.0 mouse (it uses D+ and D-) but this does not work for my USB 3.0 drive (even when I flip the cable).

  • 1 -> A4,A9,B4,B9
  • 2 -> A7
  • 3 -> A6
  • 4,7 -> A1,A12,B1,B12
  • 5 -> B10
  • 6 -> B11
  • 8 -> A3
  • 9 -> A2

Do I need a different resistor pullup/pulldown network in order for my design to work with USB 3.0?