Dell Vostro 1510 Hitachi 250gb drive [on hold]

This laptop is now running Linux Mint Xfce. Did have Ubuntu 18 on it. I was told Mint would use less resources. Well the laptop takes forever to just boot up. Seems like the drive is having trouble. Ubuntu started showing errors when booting but eventually completed.

The drive is over 4 years old. Smart Data Self-Test is showing Read Error Rate, Spinup Time, Reallocated Sector Count all show Pre-Fail. Everything else Old-Age.

I figure ordering a 250gb or 500gb drive specifically for this laptop is going to make it run better.

I thought of trying a SSD but online is confusing if I need an adapter and if I do and don’t get one with the drive then I have to go look for one. I also noticed while looking that some SSD drives are just slightly too big to fit in the compartment of the Dell Vostro 1510. So that makes for more obstacles.