eBay X.Commerce Enables Magento Merchants to Run Facebook Promos

Magento merchants can now offer online shoppers Facebook credits for coupons and other promotions thanks to Fanplayr’s integration with eBay’s X.commerce “commerce fabric.”

Fanplayr, a social consumer, game marketing coupon and offers platform, announced a deal with Ifeelgoods that adds new social features to the X.commerce ecosystem. Fanplayr recently integrated its “smart targeted” multi-variable social coupons and offers integration into eBay’s X.commerce platform, empowering Magento merchants to optimize their digital promotions with highly desirable, low-cost Facebook credits for greater returns on coupons and offers for the first time.

eBay said developer partners are continuing to build for the X.commerce ecosystem, capitalizing on the opportunity to build once and integrate across many customers. X.commerce unifies eBay, PayPal and Magento developer programs, though its current focus is on Magento.

Fanplayr takes advantage of the craze for “gamification,” such as adding badges that recognize and reward user behavior, popular with developers thanks in part to sites like FourSquare.