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Unleashed is an integrated inventory system that should cater for almost any business type

(PRWEB) November 16, 2011

Unleashed Software has simplified the inventory management process for online retailers needing tight integration and control of their supply and distribution of goods.

The direct API integration with Magento GO and community platforms extends the functionality of both systems to enable businesses to run their online store with inventory management and purchasing all in the cloud.

Gareth Berry, CEO of Unleashed says “We had many customers come to us at the beginning and ask if we integrate, we selected a large cross section of companies to develop a diversified product that met the needs of many industry types. The result is an integrated inventory system that should cater for almost any business type. It’s an end to end solution that just works.”

Real time integration of all the sales channels has enabled Unleashed to take the lead in simplifying supply chain processes. Sales made online are catered for by front end systems like Magento whilst the warehousing and distribution of items catered for within Unleashed.

Cloud based inventory systems that solve the need to track inventory whilst being both simple and efficient to use is changing the way business is managed online. Tight integration between disparate systems in the cloud is the emerging trend as businesses seek to capitalize on the productivity gains the cloud offers while being able to choose the components that best suits their business.

The four key advantages of this tight integration are;

  •     Elimination of keying errors
  •     Real time analysis of transactions and margins
  •     Access to information from any internet enabled device
  •     Manage and automate stock availability with your store as goods move out through the various sales channels



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