Is this feasible: Open multiple pairs of PDF files, select text, paste each page separately into a new cell of a two-column Word file

There are hundreds of PDF files located in different folders. The paths of the files that need to be handled are in an Excel file (or in a text file). The algorithm is as follows:

Take the address of each pair of PDF files from a source file, open the first PDF, select all in the first page, copy, create a Word file and paste it into the left column of the two-column table. Do it for every page of the PDF file. Then do the same with the second PDF file of the pair, pasting each page into the right column (or, if possible, paste all pages at one, but each page must occupy a separate cell). Close and save the Word file (with a name based on the name of the PDF file) . Repeat with the next pair of PDF files.

Is this even possible to write a reasonably simple script that would do this?