Rename a file with special characters and symbols? [duplicate]

I have read carefully the answers on this post. None of them helps me. I have accidentally download a file with non-ASCII characters into my Windows desktop as shown. I cannot move it or rename the file at all.

I have already got installed Cygwin for other purposes. So I assume that I can handle it using cygwin without installing further 3 parties software on my Windows 10?

To navigate to the file’s directory:

cd /cygdrive/c/Users/root/Desktop/

The file looks like this on the desktop and on the command line with ls -b command.
enter image description here

In addition, once I said ls *Twitter* to list only the mentioned file name, it throws me this error:

$ ls *Twitter*
ls: cannot access ''$'360235223237360235223270360235224202360235223267360235223275360235223262360235223267360235223260'' on Twitter_ ders '

$ ls
'Yerel Disk (C).lnk'
'Yerel Disk (D).lnk'
''$'360235223237360235223270360235224202360235223267360235223275360235223262360235223267360235223260'' on Twitter_ ders '

$ mv *Twitter* newfilename.pdf
mv: cannot stat ''$'360235223237360235223270360235224202360235223267360235223275360235223262360235223267360235223260'' on Twitter_ ders '

$ mv ''$'360235223237360235223270360235224202360235223267360235223275360235223262360235223267360235223260'' on Twitter_ ders ' newfilename.pdf
mv: cannot stat ''$'360235223237360235223270360235224202360235223267360235223275360235223262360235223267360235223260'' on Twitter_ ders ' 

Any help?

Note: For the privacy issues, I have just removed some parts of the images.