reset quantity in input field when adding products from grouped products page

I have my Magento 2.3.2 site configured so that adding products to the cart keeps the customer on the page (doesn’t redirect to cart). When a customer adds any product to the cart from a grouped products page, the page auto-scrolls to the top and the ‘My Cart Link’ expands to show the cart contents. At this point, the customer has the option of adding more products from that page to the cart. Unfortunately, the values entered in the quantity fields for the individual products are not reset to zero. Consider the following scenario…

Customer adds 3 of one product, 2 of another and 5 of another to the cart. Now they want to add 1 more product. They probably don’t notice that the quantities that they entered previously are still there and when they add the 1 product to the cart, they’re actually adding 9 products (the 8 original quantities plus the 1 additional).

Is there an easy way to reset all quantity input values to zero when anything is successfully added to the cart?