SignatureLink Deal Allows Magento Clients to Collect Signatures for Payments

SignatureLink announced Tuesday that it entered a deal with Magento to allow its anti-fraud technology to work with Magento’s e-commerce system.

SignatureLink’s technology allows online merchants to collect handwritten signatures from customers. The technology displays a signature field on merchants’ checkout pages, allowing users to sign by moving the mouse cursor as though it was the tip of a pen. SignatureLink, of Ridgeland, Miss., says this signature is legally binding and is meant to combat fraud.

The deal with Magento, of Culver City, Calif., allows the 110,000 merchants that use Magento’s system to use SignatureLink’s technology.

“We are very pleased to offer Magento merchants the same ability to prevent and deter friendly fraud as brick and mortar retailers have,” said Greg Wooten, SignatureLink’s chief executive, in a press release.

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