What to update in existing CE to get RabbitMQ working

I have a few installations that slowly have been upgraded to 2.3.3 without RabbitMQ. Now I have added Rabbit but I am not sure I’ve covered all changes needed.

The queue config is added in etc/env.php and I see that Magento connects to Rabbit (creating topcis).

I’ve edited all of these files in the file system:

  • queue_consumer.xml
  • queue.xml
  • queue_publisher.xml
  • queue_topology.xml
  • communication.xml

to use amqp instead of magento-db. Then the site is upgraded and redeployed.

I see some messages coming but fewer than I expected. For example I can’t see messages when an order is created.

Did I miss anything? Something else I should change or is this correct?