Changing page orientation in Word alters page numbers

I’m trying to fix some formatting in a document which has been created in my favourite programme, MS Word.

The document contains two pages in the middle (pages 55 and 56) which need to be in landscape orientation, whereas the rest should be in portrait. I’ve changed the orientation for these two pages by inserting a section break, then changing layout -> orientation to landscape. After the second landscape page there’s a second section break, followed by portrait orientation.

Changing the orientation messes up the page numbering. The last portrait page is p54, which is followed by the first landscape page, which is numbered as p56 (instead of p55), see here:

After the 2nd section break, the first portrait page continues as p56 (rather than p57), see here: So the section breaks either make Word skip a page number or reset it.

How do I set the numbering in the new sections so that they continue from the previous page without skipping?