Fanplayr Named a Magento Gold Partner

the leader in targeted, real-time e-commerce offers, today announced an
upgrade from Bronze to Gold Industry Partner status with Magento, a
division of X.commerce, an eBay Inc. company, the leading e-commerce
platform designed to empower online merchants and help their businesses

“Ultimately this solution will help our customers
continue to grow their e-commerce businesses.”

This venture gives Magento Enterprise merchants access to Fanplayr’s Smart
Targeted Conversions
, a unique performance-based platform that
intelligently analyzes visitor traffic to determine those who are most
likely to convert to customers with personalized purchase offers and
incentives. It determines the optimal timing, value and target for
purchase incentives and delivers those incentives in real time, leading
to improved visitor conversion rates and increased average order values.

“Since Fanplayr’s inception, we recognized the importance of aligning
our efforts with a leader in e-commerce solutions,” says Simon Yencken,
chief executive officer of Fanplayr. “We chose the Magento platform
because of its reputation, robust solution and its enormous customer
base. Elevating our status to a Magento Gold Industry Partner is a
significant milestone in our company’s young history, helping to further
establish our credibility as a premium software provider.”

“Partnering with Fanplayr strengthens our commitment to Magento
Enterprise implementations that empower our merchants by giving them
access to Smart Targeted Conversions for analysis and personalized
offers,” says Magento’s Head of Business Development and Partnerships
Ryan Thompson. “Ultimately this solution will help our customers
continue to grow their e-commerce businesses.”

Brand Manager Jon Marshall at V.I.O, Inc. was drawn to Fanplayr, largely
because of their affiliation with Magento, leading him to deploy
Fanplayr’s Smart Targeted Conversions. “Smart Targeted Conversions
has given me control of purchase incentives that I’ve never had before,”
explains Marshall. “By segmenting my traffic and being able to provide
targeted offers based on visitors behavior, I’ve seen a noticeable lift
in sales through an increase in average order values. With its real-time
dashboard and integrated A/B testing, I’m able to easily view
performance and measure the impact of Fanplayr’s product. In a short
period of time, Smart Targeted Conversions has become an integral
marketing tool for me.”

About Fanplayr

Fanplayr is the leader in targeted real-time e-commerce offers. By
harnessing the power of big data, Fanplayr’s ‘Smart Targeted
Conversions’ enables marketers to identify, profile and target visitors
with customized offers in real-time during the shopping experience.
Fanplayr has headquarters in Palo Alto, California. More information is
available at

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