In Word’s Outline View, why can’t I drag Tables to new location?

Top Level Question: Why doesn’t Word move Headings Styles applied to text ina Table the same as when it’s applied to text NOT in a Table?

File with screenshots. Link to view in my DropBox account.

Detail in file linked below If you apply Heading Styles on text that’s NOT in a table and display in Outline View, you can grab a Style’s handle and move it up or down and all subsidiary styles will go with the top level Style. BUT if you apply Styles to text in a table, go to Outline View, and move the top row Heading Style 1, Word only moves the top row.

To create only 1 handle for the table I created a 1×1 table and added the same 2×5 table. The 1×1 table has only one handle so you’d think when in Outline and I move the 1×1, it would move the entire 2×5 table inside the 1×1. But no.

Why doesn’t Word move the subordinate rows in the table like it does if the text isn’t in a table?