Aptus and Vaimo Form Strategic Magento e-Commerce Partnership

Aptus and Vaimo Form Strategic Magento e-Commerce Partnership

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 10:45

Vaimo Australia set to revolutionise online retail as Australia’s e-commerce industry booms

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 Aptus International, a global information and communication technology (ICT) company based in Australia, has joined forces with Vaimo, a Sweden-based Magento e-commerce market leader, to form Vaimo Australia. The new alliance is set to significantly boost Australia’s e-commerce offerings by providing retailers with tailored, targeted and sophisticated e-commerce solutions based on the powerful Magento platform. Well known in the online retail industry as the e-commerce heartbeat of retail giant e-Bay, Magento is currently the platform of choice for over 110,000 online stores around the world and its massive growth is set to continue. Aptus International designs, develops and implements tailored ICT solutions underpinned by innovative, high-level technologies to enhance business growth and profit for its clients. The newly formed Vaimo Australia partnership will form part of Aptus’s ICT offerings across the world, with Canada next on the map after Australia – and Asia in the pipeline – for the strategic rollout of its Magento e-commerce solutions. “As traditional sales channels continue to slow down, mature e-commerce countries are experiencing double digit growth, with the USA showing thirteen percent and Europe eighteen percent growth in 2011,” says Chris Spies, CEO of Aptus International and head of the Vaimo Australia team. “Australia’s online retail numbers grew by a whopping twenty-nine percent in 2011 and are expected to increase a further sixty percent by 2016 – and Forrester research in PayPal Australia’s recent report indicates that online commerce in this country will be valued at around $37.7 billion by 2013. It’s clear that Australia has to gear up for massive e-commerce growth – and this is exactly what our Magento solutions are about.” Aptus International could not have chosen a more powerful e-commerce partner than Vaimo. As an esteemed Magento Gold Solution Partner, Vaimo has successfully developed and deployed over 300 Magento e-commerce sites globally, the only partner to have more than doubled the quota of 150 completed sites required to qualify for Magento Gold Solutions Partner status. To top that, Vaimo was recently presented the Magento 2011 Fast and Emerging Partner Award in recognition of its remarkable growth in 2011 and commitment to delivering creative, high-quality Magento Enterprise stores. “The decision to join forces with Aptus to form Vaimo Australia was a logical move in light of Aptus’s significant investment in business applications, cloud computing and hosted environments around Australia and New Zealand,” says Brendan Peo, COO of Vaimo. “Aptus also has two data centres in Brisbane and ‘places of presence’ in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland – so as Vaimo Australia we are perfectly positioned to accelerate our Magento based e-commerce delivery into the hungry Australasian market.” Vaimo Australia has already generated considerable interest locally, as businesses scour the online landscape for trusted and well-established online retail solutions to ensure they are relevant to the consumer in a digital age. Vaimo Australia is in the process of planning a series of joint seminars and webinars across the country in order to address interested parties in all locales. About Aptus International Services Established in 1999, Aptus boasts a global footprint of eleven offices across three continents, with its head office in Australia and infrastructure across South Africa, Mozambique and Canada. Aptus has an integrative approach and offers a range of services that dovetail to form solutions finely tailored towards each client’s particular requirements. These services encompass private cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, DRaaS, e-commerce platforms), communication (WAN, UC and secure internet), people management (ICT contract staff), digital creative (web design, development, copywriting and SEO services) and business (project) consulting – all underpinned by innovative technology and superior levels of customer service. More info: http://www.aptus.net.au. About Vaimo Vaimo is a Sweden-based company specializing in the development and customization of Magento based e-commerce solutions. Vaimo has a dedicated team of 45 skilled e-commerce specialists in various offices across the world, including Stockholm, Tallinn, London, Johannesburg and now Australia. An esteemed Magento Gold Solution Partner, Vaimo currently boasts a stellar track record of 300 successfully deployed Magento sites and has developed over 2,000 Magento customisations. The Vaimo promise is ‘the delivery of a personalised experience in a digital world’ and it fulfills this promise by the development of sophisticated, powerful Magento e-commerce websites that grow the businesses of its clients. More info: http://www.vaimo.com. About Magento Magento, based in Los Angeles and employing over 375 staff worldwide, is a renowned open-source, feature-rich e-commerce platform supported by a global ecosystem of solution partners and third-party developers. As an enterprise-class platform offering online retail merchants unsurpassed levels of flexibility and control over the catalogues, content and functionality of their online stores, Magento has to date served as the e-commerce platform for over 110,000 merchants worldwide. Magento was acquired by eBay Inc. in 2011, becoming integrated into eBay’s X.commerce business unit. More info: http://www.magentocommerce.com.

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